SBDF May 20-25 2020
Stockholm Belly Dance Festival Proudly presents:
Annah from Sweden
Yalia from Austria
Dalma Izzo from Italy
Chiara Saccomanno from Italy
Paula Palomares from Spain

More teachers will soon be presented...
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Annah is an Oriental Dance performer and instructor based in southern Sweden. She has had a passion for dance all her life and started with classical Ballet at the age of 3. From there she moved on to jazz/show dance in her teens and then she fell in love with Oriental dance - and Arabic music! She has also performed and instructed Argentinian Tango.Improvisation, based on knowledge and understanding of the music and its cultural context is central to Annah’s work as dancer and instructor, but she also creates beautiful choreographies for herself and her students. On stage she is known for her musicality and presence and for her connection with the audience. Annah is continuously studying, always trying to expand and improve herself. She has mainly focused on Egyptian-style Raqs Sharqi and Egyptian folk styles, but has also studied the Lebanese & Turkish styles. Annah is the owner and founder of Fireflow Oriental Dance and teaches classes and workshops on several locations. She is artistic leader of the AlFaryuz show group, and she arranges the Fireflow Oriental Dance Festival each year in April/May.

Yalia is an oriental dance artist based in Vienna/Austria. Her heart belongs to the egyptian side of oriental dance and music, her style is cheeky, feminine, earthy and fun. Dancing African dances since early childhood Yalia started taking classes for oriental dance at the age of 14. Soon she began to travel through Europe to take classes from amazing egyptian and european teachers which also took her to Egypt - of course. The fabulous Nilegroup Festival and SBDF where a big part of her journey to become a professional dancer and gain a deeper understanding for the egyptian culture. Since 2003 she is travelling as a teacher, choreographer and performer for oriental dance to countries like Egypt, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland... and many more. Students appreciate her clear, structured way of teaching,
filled with learning and also lots of fun.
Topics for SBDF 2020:
Wil soon be presented!

Dalma Izzo Italy is one of the teachers at SBDF 202o Dalma Izzo Italy is one of the teachers at SBDF 202o

Dalma Izzo is an italian dancer and teacher of oriental dance. Over the years she has studied with so many teachers to enrich her cultural knowledge. Dalma is invited to many festivals around the world and is the winner of many international competitions such as: Marhaba Festival (Rome), Babylon Apulia Festival (Bari), Cairo by Night Festival (Paris), Stockholm Belly Dance Festival (Stockholm), Stelle a Napoli (Naples) and many more. In July 2017 she ranked second in the competition of the international festival "Nile Group Festival" in Cairo. Discovering a strong love for  Reda style she decides to deepen this style under the guidance of the teacher Mohamed Kazafy from 2011 to today studying with him both in Italy and abroad.  Dalma has the honor of having danced many times with the teacher Mohamed Kazafy in various gala shows: Sofia (Hezz ya wezz festival 2019 / Nur  2017), Italy (kazafy troupe Italy 2017), Stockholm (Stockholm Belly Dance Festival edition 2017 and 2019) and cairo (the last Nile Group Festival 2019).

Topics at SBDF 2020:

starts dancing during the year 2002. She is a renowned Oriental dancer in many countries and from 2010 to 2014 she has won many international competitions. Her dance is magic, powerful and elegant: her style is charming for the audience in every performance.
She has taught and performed in Hong Kong, Korea, Cairo, Japan, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, New York, Los Angeles and more.

Topics for SBDF 2020
Mecance with veil 


Paula Palomares Spain Paula Palomares Spain

"Paula Palomares is a spanish young artist who has already performed and taught in different countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Her dance style combines sweetness and power, personality and feeling, tradition and modernity. She dances and teaches with a lot of passion and respect to the oriental dance. Paula loves teaching and sharing her knowledge with her students all over the world."

Topics for SBDF 2020:
"Draw your emotion"

Annah is from Sweden and is one of the teachers at SBDF 2020
Yalia from Austria is one of the teachers at SBDF 2020
Dalma Izzo is one of the teachers at SBDF 2020
Chiara Saccomanno from Italy is one of the teachers at SBDF 2020
Paula palomares from Spain is one of our teachers next SBDF 20120

Dalma Izzo from Italy various shows

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