Dont miss our amazing show nights with wonderful Guest Teachers on stage
along with other famous International artists and groups
Each show has a different set of artists and starting with a Competition.
The show in Total is 3 acts 
The reward of the competition is in the beginning
of the 2nd act after that the show starts directly.

Tickets 175 SEK
Per Show

Can be booked by email or at the same time when you
book workshops
and from February you can buy directly
Kairo Bazar Dance Shop


Friday  11/5
Competition Solo Non Pro & Groups
Tito Seif -Egypt
Lubna Emam - Egypt
Mercedes Nieto - Hungary
Osama Emam - Egypt
Simon - Libanon/USA
Laura Zaray - Finland
Yalia - Austria
Annah - Sweden
Camilla Lombardi -Sweden
Zeina & Nefertari  Group- Sweden

More artists will soon be presented...

Saturday 12/5
Competition Solo Adv/Pro 
Camelia -Egypt
Kazafy -Egypt
Zaza -Egypt/Russia
Zahra - Algeria/Germany
Mohanned & Enkidu Co - Irak/Swe
Kahena - Hungary
Lamya - Morocco/ Norway
Siri Ydstie - Norway
Hanan & Hanan Group - Sweden

More artists will soon be presented...