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Orientalisk magdans &  Egyptisk folkloredans

Sommarskola varje Måndag till mitten av augusti.

 EKC Summer Camp 21/7-22/7
Workshop Weekend med Caroline Evanoff direkt från Kairo 


EKC Summer Camp
  21/7-22/7 2018

Intensivhelg med Caroline Evanoff 
För första gången till Stockholm direkt från Kairo!

Alla 3 workshops 1000.-

21/7 11.00- 13.30
90 m  / 250 SEK

Spectacular Shimmies
Can you shimmy to a violin? This technique workshop will teach you when and how to to shimmy to the different instruments and when not to! Are you stuck in a "freeze" and unable to make your shimmy and bigger? Then this workshop is also for you as we explore how to make your shimmy bigger plus many different types of shimmies!
All levels


21/7 13.30 - 16.00
2,5 Tim. / 450 SEK

Ama Barawa
The timeless “Ama Barawa”, by Nagat al Saghira and recently re-recorded
by Hussein el Gasmi, has Egypt falling in love with this song all over again!
An excellent piece to add to your dance repertoire not only is it a classic but is also playful and fun.
The choreography will consist of a mix of modern and classical Egyptian techniques.
Level - Intermediate to Advanced​​​​​​​

2,5 tim 450 SEK

Going back to the roots of bellydance this baladi choreography focuses on traditional Egyptian Baladi with a few modern elements added to spice it up. During the course of the workshop you will also learn the difference between true baladi and modern and how it formed the basis of raks sharki.
Level- Intermediate

Caroline Evanoff has been dancing in Egypt as a fully-licensed raqs sharqi performer
since 1998 in 5-star venues (The Pharaohs, Sheraton Cairo & Heliopolis,
Nile Peking to name a few) and weddings as well as appearances on television.

She is currently teaching and performing in Dahab (Red Sea Sinai, Egypt) and Caroline is also currently the "On Location Middle East Cultural Consultant" on board Holland America Line cruise ships sailing the Mediterranean and Middle East.

She has also performed under contract in India, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE and Akhnaton Mediterranean cruises. She is a regular teacher in a festival in Cairo and other international festivals including: England at Raqs Britannia and Jewel of Yorkshire; China at the Asian Bellydance Festival, Beijing; Raqs Hong Kong International Festival; Greece at Cairo by Night Festival, and Germany at Orientalishe Tanzshow.

In addition to festivals Caroline regularly travels abroad to teach workshops in Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, USA, Mexico and Singapore as well as running holiday courses in Dahab (Sinai Red Sea) and private classes in Cairo. 
During the ban on foreign belly dancers in Egypt, Caroline worked in various folkloric troupes performing in stage productions and on TV. 

Caroline is known for her pure Egyptian style choreographies because of her understanding of the language, music and feelings. Her choreographies are beautifully elegant, fun and sometimes a bit cheeky! Her ability to breakdown the challenging Egyptian Oriental technique makes her workshops a truly valuable experience. Caroline also teaches the various Egyptian and folkloric styles from Modern and Classical Egyptian, Shaabi, Baladi, Tarab, Saidi, Nubian, Alexandrian, Ghawazee, Shamadan as well as modern and traditional Khaleegy styles from the Gulf region.


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